"KAVVALOS PROPERTIES" real estate office.

The real estate agency KAVVALOS PROPERTIES was founded in 2008 by Kavvalos Vassilios, a broker with many years of experience in the real estate market. It is based in Vari, Attica, where it has an imposing presence and action, thanks to which it has won a local first place distinction in the real estate industry. It is highly active in the Southern Suburbs, the center of Athens and the Greek Islands, but also in selected properties in Attica and all over Greece.

Our company, recognizing that the data of reality is constantly changing, affecting both the market and the priorities and requirements of the people, is attaching greater importance to the analysis of data at any given time. The purpose of this is to form a global view on the conditions of the "present", which is considered necessary so that the right investment strategy can be designed. This process is done in order to be effective for you in the field of counseling. This tactic requires constant updating and contact both with issues related to the brokerage industry and others related to general current affairs.

Our office, operating on the basis of the ideas of the family business, avoids impersonal transactions and aims to create a climate of trust and close cooperation with its customers. Each partner is responsible for specific areas of action, which allows him on the one hand to know them in depth and on the other hand to serve clients as an exclusive consultant. Our goal is to understand your requirements and needs and to help in the process of searching and comparing or selling of real estate.

With honesty and sincerity, we always adhere to the code of conduct, we respect our partners and customers, aiming for the best result for all.

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