Purchase/Sale and Rental

We undertake the promotion of real estate in order to sell or rent the properties through our strong presence on the web and the significant customer base that we have created thanks to the consistent quality of our work over time. We are committed to finding the ideal property for your requirements and the appropriate potential buyer / tenant for your holdings.

Land granting

In addition to promoting properties for sale and rent, we also deal with real estate available for contractual consideration. Thanks to the large network of customers and the relationships of mutual trust that we have created, we work with many constructors who undertake the erection of luxurious structures.

Immediate Service

In the age of speed, constant data changes require quick action, determination and adaptability. Guided by this key feature of reality, we recognize the importance of promptly serving your needs and aim to respond to your requests as quickly as possible.

Individual Consultancy and Strategy Planning

Our experience in the marketplace provides us with perception of the current reality data, giving us a deeper perspective. Because of this we are able to weigh your options and stand by you as consultants in the design of a personalized strategy. Our goal is not only to suggest real estate but to understand the needs of our customers and lead them to moves that will be suitable in their investment course. In a fluid reality we must realize that investments are not judged a priori "good" or "bad". What should define the importance of an investment is the specific moment in time!

Working together

Our office chooses to accompany its customers from the first to the last step of acquiring the desired property. The suggestions and advice in the first stage of the search are successively replaced in the second stage by the indication and explanation of the legal obligations and procedures for the purpose of concluding the final contract.

Digital Appointment

The fast pace of everyday life and new data make it imperative to find solutions to minimize time and distance. Our office selects partners with knowledge of new technologies so that we can enable you to choose to make digital appointments and digital suggestions.

Promotion Strategies - Real Estate Photography and Video recording

With the aim of the best possible promotion of the properties but also the excellent service of the interested customers, we try to create as complete a "picture" as possible of the offered properties. In this effort we are looking for more and more promotion strategies, one of which is the professional photography and video recording of real estate spaces giving the possibility of their digital presentation.