Things you will love

The center of Athens is a pole of attraction of great potential for visitors with varied interests. A meeting point of culture, history, contemporary art, retail and wholesale trade, public services and entertainment. Neighborhoods dressed in different colors, large streets and alleys, neoclassical architecture and state-of-the-art buildings, monuments and “hotspots” of history and culture. Millions of people pass through the center of Athens every day for chores, shopping, for morning or night walks throughout the year, but there are also permanent residents. Famous streets and squares form its network as the capital. Large multinationals firms, famous boutiques, restaurant and retail chains, street vendors and small shops, famous bars and clubs provide many options and solutions to passers-by.

The properties, due to their timelessness, always maintain their investment value. Landmarks of the capital - such as the Acropolis, Lycabettus, the beautiful alleys of Plaka, Syntagma Square - give an air of magic in the center of Athens and an unchanging value over time.



An impeccable transport network connects the various neighborhoods and areas of downtown Athens with each other and with all the suburbs of Athens. Metro line, buses, trams, train knit an axis with frequent responses allowing easy traffic.